Healthy Eating Success Stories

The impact of Whizmeal has been astounding but it takes time to see these positive results. Our team had been heartened to see the change in eating behaviour and the ability to try and enjoy food variety, food groups and completing the meal serving portions. Here, we want to celebrate journey with our young champions as they make good progress in their healthy eating habits!

"Kristabel is a food lover who enjoys all sort of vegetables and fruits. As parents, we want Kristabel to continue develop this healthy eating habit. Therefore, she is part of the Whizmeal program which helps us to monitor her meals in school. Now, not only does she always finish her meal in school, she is also encouraging us to do the same at home!" – Mummy of Kristabel, 1C
"My son was a fussy eater who did not eat fish at all. When he was in child care, he refused to eat anything the centre cooked and grew very thin. We were very concerned and worried over the level of nutritional intake for his body. However, since he joined Whizmeal, he has been exposed to a variety of healthy food and has tried most of them little by little. In just a month time, he was able to adapt to the food served and felt that the fish is yummy. Now under his influence, fish has become part of our daily menu at home." – Daddy of Raphael, 1B
"I am proud of Ye Kai as he always manages to finish his meals. I believe he can set a good example for the rest of his classmates. I like Whizmeal because I can sense their sincerity in helping to monitor my child's meals in school. In May, to reward Ye Kai for finishing all his meals, I have ordered package meals which include a snack, a healthy set meal and a drink (instead of an a la carte healthy set meal)." – Mummy of Ye Kai, 1C
"Camille was a slow and fussy eater at home. She could not even sit still when taking her lunch or dinner with us. So when she was enrolled into the Whizmeal programme, we talked and discussed the types of food she would be taking (rice, vegetable, meat and fruits).

Slowly, and surely, she has improved her eating habits over time and can even finish up the food on her tray during recess time. This is a big improvement for her and we are glad that Whizmeal has given our child a balanced and nutritious meal during school time and even during the student care time."
– Daddy of Camille, 1B
"My son is picky with food and would leave out any new food that he is not familiar with. Since joining Whizmeal, we have noticed an improvement in his eating habits and he is now more open to different types of foods. He likes the different variety of food offered and thinks they are delicious. His appetite has also increased and we are happy that he enjoys his meal as well." – Daddy of Zhan Cheng, 1C
"We realized that since she joined the Whizmeal program in Punggol Green Primary School, Dawn has become more open to all types of foods. When we buy or cook food of different types or mixes, her younger sister in K1 will voice her objection and reject the food.

But Dawn will always express her opinion and saying that we should try different types of food as long as they are healthy. And she has since also learned how to organize her plate, tidying and arranging the food neatly, also returning her plate to the kitchen basin."
– Daddy of Dawn, 1A
"My method is a simple military act to get Chloe to eat and it always works." – Daddy of Chloe, 1B