Healthy Challenge

At Whizmeal, we also propose the concept of “Healthy Challenges” to Parents. Trying fruits and/or vegetables? Opening up to new food items? Reducing certain food intake? This can be a fun engagement for you and your child. The end objective is to learn and develop more awareness of healthy eating.

Like the boy who refused to take fish, the current achievement of the boy enjoying fish as part of his meal did not come overnight. It took effort from all parties to encourage him to try bit by bit until eventually, he himself asked for fish to be included in his meals.

Aaron can typically finish 1 portion, but we expect that our boy will face difficulties completing his given portion in the given time (20min). Aaron eats a variety of foods, no doubt he has his preferences.

We are looking forward to seeing positive results in Term 2 of his primary school life, because of the collaborative efforts between Whizmeal and our family. – Mummy of Aaron, 1B

Yen Cheong is just lazy to chew, and he doesn't want to miss out the fun of running around after recess time.

We have explained to him that it's a good habit to finish his meal and in order to be healthy and grow taller (he always wants to be taller), he needs to eat the vegetables and meat.

To further encourage him, we have implemented a reward system by giving him a 20cents if he manages to finish his food everyday in school. We hope that he will be able to improve before end of 2013. – Mummy of Yen Cheong, 1C