Healthy Eating (Resources)

Whizmeal emphasises on several personal values: Awareness, Education, Discipline, Consistency, Communication, Observation, Encouragement and Habits.

Awareness: We make everyone more aware of the different dimensions of healthy eating and eating healthily.

Education: We introduce healthy eating and meal preparation at appropriate stages.

Discipline: Healthy eating requires personal discipline and a determination to follow through.

Consistency: Continuously following through with healthy eating activities will build healthier eating habits and understanding.

Communication: Parents and children need regular interaction on healthy eating.

Observation (monitoring): On top of delivering healthy set meals and healthier dietary choices, we monitor the child’s progress.

Encouragement: Parental care and recognition of their child’s efforts are equally important.

Habits: Positive eating habits picked up when young will help the child maintain a healthy lifestyle as they grow older.

Over time, this list will grow as we work with more students, stallholders and parents to better drive healthy eating.

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