Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

For Whizmeal's Parent User:

  1. Is there a demonstration of how the program works?
    Yes, please download our Whizmeal User Manual for package here and AlaCarte here.
  2. Who do I contact if I have any question about the Whizmeal ordering system?
    You may contact the Whizmeal Team at hi[at]
  3. Will you share my personal information?
    No, please refer to our Privacy Policy for more information.
  4. Currently, how long can I order in advance for Whizmeal?
    A parent can order a meal from one month to three months, as long as the healthy set meals menu are made available in the website.
  5. What is the cut-off date for meal ordering and when do I need to make payment?
    We close our ordering at the end of the third week of the month. Once you have logged in, the monthly menu will have a cut-off date indication. Full payment will need to be made once you would like to confirm the order.
  6. What types of payments are there?
    We only accept credit card transaction payment.
  7. What are the breakdown of the meal order costs and administration charges?
    We charge a fixed % administration charges for the collection of the payment. Cash payment will pay a higher fixed % administration fees than credit card payment.
  8. Is there a refund policy?
    Once an order has been made, there is no refund for the meal except in special cases. You may contact us at but administrative charges will be incurred for the process. Do allow at least one business week to respond back.
  9. Can I pay cash as I do not own any credit card?
    No, we do not accept cash payment. You may get your child to make daily purchase at the school canteen.
  10. Is there any refund if my child absent from school?
    We apologise that no refund is allowed for child's absentee as the meal has been prepared and food cost has been incurred.
  11. What are service fees?
    Service fees refer to credit card processing and administrative fees.

For parents who are interested in Whizmeal but are not Whizmeal customers:

  1. How will I know whether my kid's school is part of this Whizmeal Program?
    If your child's school is part of Whizmeal, your child will receive an invitation letter from the school canteen to sign up.
  2. I like Whizmeal very much but my kids' school does not have this program. What should I do?
    Thanks for your interest and enquiry on Whizmeal. It is exciting for us to know that we have such a keen parent like yourself to join us in this healthy journey. You may approach your school or school canteen committee to share with them more about Whizmeal or alternately you may give us the Person-In-Charge contact for us to follow up.
  3. As a parent, how can I tap on the Whizmeal system to help my children if the school does not participate in this?
    The Whizmeal Program is currently only open to selected school canteens and not to home users. We have future plans to expand and to explore such out-of-school opportunities, therefore, please stay in touch with us at

For schools who are not yet Whizmeal customers:

  1. How can the Whizmeal Program help the school?
    The Whizmeal Program is not just any online ordering system. It is a platform to allow parents, schools, stallholders (operators) and students to come together to know, serve, eat and monitor eating nutritional meals.
    Our system will assist the school in providing nutritional meals to the student, educating the stall holders about nutritional meals and providing them with healthy recipes, allow parent to monitor what the kids are eating and lastly to be educated together with the children as well.
  2. What is the cost of having this program in the school?
    Please get in touch with Whizmeal at hi[at] and provide school contact person information.
  3. We already have a school canteen operator, can we still be part of this program?
    Yes, Whizmeal's objective is not to replace canteen operators or canteen stallholders. Whizmeal's aim is to champion healthier eating in school canteens and to enhance existing canteen providers' capability in delivering healthy eating systems.
  4. I do not have a school canteen operator, can we still be part of this program?
    Yes, Whizmeal can explore with the school and evaluate which arrangement will be suitable. Please get in touch with Whizmeal and provide school contact person information.