Whizmeal is technology start-up which champions healthy eating in schools. Our vision is to build a healthy eating success story for parents and children. We believe our children should be empowered with knowledge of meal planning, and grow up with healthy eating habits. We firmly believe successful healthy eating starts with education plus the commitment to daily healthy meal choices, especially in schools.

Whizmeal integrates technology and meal planning to ensure children eat healthily in school. We work with teachers, parents and canteen stall holders to create an exciting educational journey for everyone. Together, we will conceptualize, create and iterate on engaging, exciting ways for parents and children to learn healthy eating habits. Our company is dedicated, fast-paced and results-oriented, because we find it extremely satisfying to experience first-hand, positive impacts we are creating for our children. Because we care.

We believe our children deserve a better school meal and our promise is to deliver healthier meal choices so that our child will learn more about healthy meals, meal variety and the appropriate serving sizes.

Whizmeal is privately owned and mentored by a group of experienced, senior industry advisors.


Currently, we provide an online meal planning and ordering website for parents to pre-order school meals from school canteen stallholders. Pre-ordering is important so that all children will receive their healthy set meal and no child will risk missing out on their daily meal requirements. Parents need not worry about their child’s school pocket money being spent on items other than food.

How does it work? At our website "Order Now", parents and their child at schools adopting our Whizmeal system, are able select either a package meal program or items from an a la carte menu. Under the package meal program, parents are able to add additional a la carte items for their child. During this pre-ordering process, parents and their child are able to browse the calendar days and, with just a mouse-over or mouse-click, open up the meal details to select the meals they prefer.

To complete the meal ordering process, parents will be directed to an online payment system. At the end, parents can provide feedback and suggestions on the meals ordered.


  • Provide a practical meal ordering website with basic monitoring tools that make healthy eating seamless and "habitual"
  • Curate nutritional content that educates, engages and empowers parents and children
  • Provide, develop and innovate on cost-effective healthy nutritional recipes for canteen stallholders


We have an active product development function which looks into how we can create greater value for our stakeholders. We engage both externally and internally in brainstorming sessions, focus groups, online surveys and phone interviews to understand our customer needs and the customer journey. There are several projects lining up as we plan beyond Whizmeal 1.0. This is the beginning of the beginning of our Healthy Eating Success Revolution.

We also welcome inspirations and innovative ideas. Write to us: hi[at]whizmeal.com.


Whizmeal was implemented at Punggol Green Primary School since January 2013. Pre-ordering of healthy set meals have been implemented and served to all the students in school. Results have been very encouraging and Whizmeal is proud to receive continuous support from the school and parents. We appreciate the positive impact that had been created and will continue to do so. [see link: Healthy Eating Success Stories]

We are looking forward to partner with more schools who share our common vision "To Build Healthy Eating Success Stories for Parents and Children (Students)". This is beginning of a journey where we believe there are great value creations across multiple stakeholders. For collaboration opportunities, please contact us at hi[at]whizmeal.com.


Whizmeal works closely with schools and their canteen stall holders to offer daily choices of healthy set meals for students. Parents, students, and stallholders are simultaneously educated on the preparation of these healthy set meals. The meals are prepared with reference to the Health Promotion Board guidelines on serving portions. Through Whizmeal, we expose children to a variety of food choices, to impress upon them the appropriate meal servings and ultimately to promote eating a healthy balanced meal!

  • Educate: Whizmeal aims to provide and share useful content on healthy eating and healthy recipes, including Asian cuisines, to parents, children and stallholders. Whizmeal currently focuses on third party content that fulfils three key aspects: (a) Educate, (b) Engage and (c) Empower.
  • Order: Whizmeal has an online meal planning and ordering website to allow parents and children to pre-order school meals Monday to Friday from the school canteen. Healthy set meals will be listed on the website and the more popular healthy meals will maintain with new meals beingintroduced.
  • Monitor: Whizmeal offers meal planning and ordering where monitoring of the ordered meals is a key function of the system. In the our next phase of website development, it allows parents to be notified of the child's consumption and flag excessive servings based on the students' height, weight and energy requirements coupled withmore useful functions.
  • Encourage: Whizmeal sees the importance of parent’s engagement in the child’s development in the healthy eating habits, especially to continuously encourage the child on each and every step of their healthy eating successes. However, we do understand most parents are busy with their works and some might not know the how method to do so. Therefore, Whizmeal will adoptselective social media platforms to allow peer-to-peer sharing among parents, work withindustry experts to share, including the development of game applicationsfor both parents and the kids.


Our management team is highly flexible and versatile, with experience and exposure across multiple business industries and along various business value chains. We are mentored and supported by a group of senior industry advisors, who share direction. We are committed to our vision to generate tremendous value to our four important stakeholders involved in Whizmeal: Schools, Stallholders, Parents and Students.

If you like what we are doing and would like to chat up on our vision,we would love to meet you to discuss further. Email us at hi[at]whizmeal.com. Meanwhile, feel free to browse our Whizmeal Career Opportunity page . We are not offering a job but a career opportunity to make a difference. Click here to find out more.